Year Zero (Kris Scenario)

Yoooo: Ay, guys~ So here I am with the first request on the list, pacific rim AU for nonnie! Ah, I didn’t mean for it to get so long but there’s a lot of stuff goin on in pac rim, na mean? Anyway, yeah, i hope sweet anon enjoys it (and everyone else too, eheh ^__^)~ psst i also don’t own pacific rim in case the creators hunt me down

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Crash 2012 vs Crash 2014

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140922 叶公子有个幻肢

Ay so I can say with some certainty that I’ll be able to have the first request out around 7-ish tomorrow evening~ It’s turning out to be way longer than I expected but then again Pacific Rim has a lot of elements that need explaining, heheh. Anonnie gave me the option for which member so of course I chose my own bias, eheh. Anyway yeah just a little update for ya~ See ya soon~

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